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Miki Hellerbach



Miki Hellerbach is an independent journalist from Baltimore, MD based in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from University of Miami. However, while in school he developed a passion for cultural journalism and helped create a class (which he also took) in which each student had to compose a full length essay analyzing the television show Lost. Miki is a published writer for varying online publications (AcrossTheMargin, Headstuff, Euphoria Magazine, CentralSauce, Notion) with a focus on music, TV, sports, culture, politics, and personal discovery. He also continues to pursue acting and music. He makes alternative r&b music under the name Miki Montebello and through his group PM. He also starred in the short film “Man With Beard” which won best short film at Coney Island Film Festival and Key West Film Festival.

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